High Tempterature Device Characterization And Qualification

No Other Outside Lab Has Criteria Labs High Temperature Capabilities

Criteria Labs can handle high temperature device characterization and qualifications for semiconductor die and packages. This includes passives such as resistors and capacitors. To stress these components and assemblies, Criteria Labs has assembled a unique set of high temperature stress ovens, temperature cycle and humidity chambers that can properly apply the required stress conditions. With over 10 years experience designing high temperature burn-in boards, test boards and carriers, Criteria Labs can provide the necessary support to design high temperature aging and test solutions. Our design process gives you the ability to analyze the suitability of components for use in extreme operating environments.

Criteria Labs has developed unique high temperature carriers, test boards and other techniques for extended life testing of electrical components at high temperatures. During high temperature life test, parts will be pulled at selected intervals.  Electrical test and device characterization data will be collected for parameter drift analysis and curve fitting performed for erroneous equation wear out calculations and life predictions.

High Temperature Device Characterization and Qualification - Criteria Labs


When life testing at high temperatures, selecting the proper high temperature laminate materials, solders and assembly methods and the correct material and component derating factors is key to successful long term life testing.  Criteria Labs has the experience to make these design decisions for a successful high temperature life test.

To evaluate a devices ability to operate at high temperatures over long periods, Criteria Labs uses special HTOL ovens that can maintain steady temperatures up to 250°C under high laminar air flow conditions. Stress cards are loaded from the front of the chamber as well as a special isolated rear chamber. This back panel allows for remote monitoring of devices during high temperature life testing. These capabilities allow Criteria Labs to run high temperature tests and monitor device performance and drift real time over the life of the test.

When measuring device characterization after each life test pull interval, Criteria Labs uses special temperature forcing units that can provide precise temperatures to the test fixture over extended temperature ranges. This allows for very accurate and repeatable test conditions. This is very important when characterizing multiple devices and when identifying device to device variations in performance.

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