Test  [LTX Diamond D10]

Criteria Labs provides test software development, wafer probe and production test services on LTX Diamond D10 test platforms.  Each test platform is fully configured with (384) 200 Mhz DPIN96 channels, 16 channel VIS16 high voltage VI source, 16 channel DPS16 high current power supplies, and 8-channel mixed signal MULTIWAVE instrument providing 4 digitizers and 4 arbitrary waveform generators.

Test Software Development

Criteria Labs experienced team of test engineers can support first silicon debug to release to high volume production for a wide range of device technologies from Digital, Analog, Mixed Signal and Memory in both wafer sort and final package part testing.   Criteria Labs can perform complete semiconductor turnkey wafer probe, package assembly, final production test, device qualification and tape and reel in our USA facilities.

Wafer Probe

Criteria Labs is the only US based test services company to perform all wafer probe in a class 1000 clean room.  Wafer cleanliness and prevention of particulate contamination improves probe and package assembly yields.  Criteria Labs can support all wafer probe services, including software development, probe card design and fabrication, debug and production probing.

  • All wafer probe in Class 1000 clean room
  • Cantilever:  1- 100 site probe
  • Vertical: Multi site probe
  • Hot and Cold probing
  • EG 4090 probers
  • Off Line Inking and Wafer Mapping
  • Probe Card Design and Development

Final Package Test

Criteria Labs is a leader in providing production test services to semiconductor manufacturers, military, aerospace and OEM’s. We have the systems, processes and capabilities in place to support an array of production test requirements. Whether you have high-volume testing needs, or low-volume customized test requirements,

  • Package Test
    • Automated handlers to support all package types
    • Hot and cold automated testing (-55°C to 150°C)
  • Custom Test Processing & Flows
    • Temperature testing  (-75°C to 225°C)
    • Serialized data collection
    • Characterization data collection
    • Endurance and data retention testing
  • Device Upscreening
    • Upscreen commercial devices to military, industrial or avionics grades
    • Part procurement + upscreening
  • Loadboard Design and Development
  • Group A Testing
  • Bake & Dry Pack
  • Finished Goods Storage & Drop Ship
  • USA Turn Key Assembly, Test and Device qualification