Austin, TX – April, 8th 2022- Criteria Labs, an industry leader in RF engineering and product solutions for mission critical aerospace and harsh environment applications has announced a new sales representative agreement with Sierra RF, covering customers located in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and the Florida Panhandle.

“Expanding our supplier portfolio to include Criteria Labs highlights how important that it is to partner with the best in the industry,” stated Karl Haiden, Sierra RF President.

Additionally, Criteria Labs has partnered with Zeus Tech, covering all customers located in Florida, outside of the Panhandle.

“Zeus Tech focuses not only on technical support, but also helping our industry leading principals meet customer requirements with best in class, innovative solutions” said Scott Ingerto, Zeus Tech President.

Douglas Myron, Criteria Labs President and CEO, added, “Both Sierra RF and Zeus Tech have the history and experience to provide our customers’ in the Southeastern U.S. with valuable technical expertise, we are pleased to add them to our portfolio of sales representative partnerships.”

About Criteria Labs
Dedicated to providing the best RF and semiconductor engineering services possible, Criteria Labs delivers end-to-end microelectronic solutions for mission critical aerospace and harsh environment applications. Criteria Labs provides RF product design, assembly, upscreening, reliability, and qualification testing solutions. Criteria Labs performs testing to comply with space and military performance specifications prescribed in MIL-PRF (-27, -123, -19500, -38524, -38535, -39007, -49465, -55310, -55342 and -55365) and NASA, EEE-INST-002.

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Media Contact
William Walsh
Senior Marketing and Communications Manager
Criteria Labs
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