Package Assembly

Packaging and Electronic Assembly

Criteria Labs offers a full array of IC packaging services from wafer dicing to assembly of GaAs / GaN RF modules and Hi Temperature MCM’s.  In support of our defense customers, we are an ITAR-registered facility, accredited Trusted Supplier and DLA MIL-PRF-38535 certified assembly mfg.  Our new Class 100 clean rooms provide the ultimate in particulate free assembly and ESD protection.

Wafer Dicing Services

Criteria Labs offers high precision dicing of silicon wafers. We also handle cutting materials such as quartz and sapphire. Wafer production services include dicing of up to 8 inch wafers. Our wafer production facility is capable of handling small and large quantities of wafers and substrates.

Die Sorting

Wafer die sorting from 4” to 12” wafers to waffle pack, waffle pack to waffle pack, waffle pack to gel pack.

IC Packaging

  • Ceramic Dips, Flat Packs, LCC, CERQUAD, CERPAC, CERAMIC SOIC
  • Sidebraze, JLCC
  • Multi Chip Module (MCM), Hybrids, Chip on Board (COB)
  • Flex Assembly, Smart Cards, FR4 Chip Bonding
  • Flip Chip
  • Opto Assembly
  • Hermetic Sealing and Encapsulation

RF Assemblies

  • 1 Ghz to 60 Ghz modules
  • GaAs&GaN assemblies
  • Organic Frame board and LCP substrates
  • Single die to multi chip modules
  • Void free die on shim attach

High Power Void Free Die Attach

  • Power GaAs and GaN amplifiers
  • Silicon Carbide (SiC) die to thermal carrier
  • Solar Cells