Device Upscreening

As Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuits (PEMs) continue to play a growing role in Aerospace and Defense applications, Integrators are forced to increase their up-screening requirements and frequency to ensure devices can be used in non-commercial environments with confidence. To address this, Criteria Labs tests existing components for the purpose of upgrading them to higher reliability specifications. We have extensive experience in the procurement and upscreening of high reliability components from Industrial/Commercial to Military and Space Level requirements.

Criteria Labs has a proven history of up screening microcircuits, hybrids, resistors, capacitors, inductors, relays, crystals, discrete transistors and diodes to customers source control drawing (SCD) specification, or perform testing to comply with military performance specifications prescribed in MIL-PRF (-27, -123, -19500, -38524, -38535, -39007, -49465, -55310, -55342 and -55365)  and NASA, EEE-INST-002.

Temperature testing, reliability screening and DPA are available for all device types. Our skilled staff of test and component engineers will create customized solutions designed to address unique upscreening requirements.

Criteria Labs also partners with MicroTech for specific upscreening requirements in the areas of laser ablation,  x-ray imaging, scanning electron and energy dispersive microscopy, and de-capsulation and cross-sectioning.