Counterfeit Analysis

Counterfeit analysis – Verify Semiconductor Manufacturer Authenticity

Criteria Labs provides a full suite of counterfeit semiconductor detection methods designed to assist you in making a determination regarding IC authenticity. Counterfeit testing is performed in compliance with the following industry adopted standards:  SAE AS5553 and IDEA-STD-1010B.

Key Service Offerings:

  • 10x to 40x Visual Inspection
  • Physical Dimension
  • Marking Permanency
  • CSAM
  • X-Ray
  • Internal Visual (De-cap)
  • OEM Date Code Verification
  • EDX plating Analysis
  • Blacktop Test
  • Curve Trace
  • DC & Full Functional Elect Test
  • -55°C to 125°C Temp Test (Group A testing)
  • Burn-in/Qualification